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Rice is the third most cultivated crop in the world and
the most basic food for mankind for more than 6000 years.
It is grown in Asia, America and Europe, the most important growers
in Europe there are Italy and Spain.

Available packages:

1kg and gastro package 5kg


Our nutritional gem for health and taste!

Lentils, peas and beans are among the staple pulses used for cooking not only because they are extremely healthy, but also because they are affordable.

Their rich nutritional value and excellent availability make lentils, peas and beans first-class ingredients for all lovers of tasty and healthy eating. These pulses are a great source of protein, fiber and important nutrients, making them ideal for boosting the immune system and maintaining healthy digestion.

Available packages:

Lentils 0.5kg and gastro package 5kg
Peas 0.5kg and gastro package 5kg
White beans 0.5kg and gastro package 5kg
Colored beans 0.5kg and gastro package 5kg


Nature's wealth for a full plate!

Cereals, such as barley groats, are staple foods in many kitchens around the world. These nutritious grains are not only tasty, but also affordable.

Available packages:

Groats no. 3, no. 7 0.5kg and gastro package 5kg

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